Albina van den Berg


director, scriptwriter, producer

about me

In 2016 I started to work as an assistant costume designer on a movie set.

Two years later I finished several script writing courses and started to write scripts and pitched them to film producers.

Meanwhile I worked as an assistant director in a feature film and as a producer in several film and TV series projects.

Finally, I finished the script and directed my own debut shortfilm in 2021.


I have got a postgraduate diploma "Fashion industry" from the Moscow State University in 2018 (diploma). After I worked in commercials, tv programmes, movies as a costume designer.

my archive. some pictures of my works (costume designer portfolio)


In 2018 I have got a postgraduate diploma "Showrunner\Producer" at a film school. I started to work as an assistant producer in different projects including feature movies and stream platform series.


"Inadequate people" (2022) feature film

"The letter" (2021) short film

"Swamps" (2021) tv series

"Mother" (2021) short film

"Mission Ametist" tv series (2021)

"A great ecstasy of a wood craver" short film (2019)

"Serega's decided" short film (2018)

assistant of executive producer


assistant of director


assistant of director



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It's me in 2018 on the set of the feature movie "Inadequate people"

short film "ACCEPT IT!"

debut work as a director and scriptwriter

A young mother and happy wife Anna commits suicide. Her close friends, mother and spouse try to find out what happened with Anna and why they hadn't noticed that anything was wrong with her.

film festivals

The short film "Accept it" was selected for the festival "Saint Anna" in 2022 and

in "Fresh Meet" film festival in Eindhoven in 2023.

I worked as an assistant of an executive producer.

Trailer of the feature film


some films that I produced

short film "Letter"

short film about mother and son relationship


Bashkir State University, English philologist, Bachelor (specialist) - 2005-2010

Moscow State University, Fashion Theory and Industry, - 2016-2017

Film school of G.Sidakov, producer\scriptwriter - 2018

Film school "Svobodnoe Kino" (Free Movie), scriptwriter - 2020

I am currently enrolled in master programme iRap in Frank Mohr Institute (graduate programmes in Academie Minerve)

and in pre-master programme Film and Audiovisual Media in University of Groningen.

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